Why Peter Vandenbempt talked about "Christmas garlands" during the Red Devils match: "Appointment with my daughter"

Football commentators often make strange statements during a match. In the case of Peter Vandenbempt, who commented on Wednesday at the Red Devils match, this is not always unconscious. He admitted that this morning on MNM. “Sometimes I have an appointment with my daughter,” says the Sporza journalist.

“The Belgians cannot yet hang the first Christmas garland on the tree and hope that the peak is on it.” Vandenbempt used remarkable imagery during the World Cup match of the Red Devils against Canada on Wednesday evening. Not coincidentally, it turns out. As a challenge, his daughter sometimes gives him a word, “something silly”, which he has to incorporate into his comments. Wednesday was “Christmas garland”.

Vandenbempt doesn’t just play the game with his daughter. “There are several people who occasionally send me a word that I have to use.” Kawter Ehlalouch and Robin Keyaert of the Ochtendshow felt addressed and gave the commentator an assignment for the next match. They challenge Vandenbempt to use the word “cheese sauce” during the Portugal-Ghana match on Thursday at 5 p.m.

“I can’t promise anything,” it sounds. “Because now you’ve already revealed it. The intention is that only I and the client know the word.” It remains to be seen whether the sports journalist will complete the assignment. “Just to be clear: I’m busy with my profession, aren’t I”, he concludes with a laugh.

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