Will affair around OneLove band get a tail?  German Football Association is considering challenging the ban


The German football association DFB is considering going to the International Sports Tribunal TAS to challenge FIFA’s sanctions against the OneLove captaincy. “FIFA has banned us from sending a signal for diversity and human rights with enormous threat. The DFB is investigating whether this action by FIFA is lawful,” said a spokesman.

Vincent Van GenechtenSource: BELGA

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World football association FIFA has threatened with a yellow card if the OneLove captain’s armband, which stands for connection and against all forms of discrimination, is worn. The Germans and the Belgians, among others, then refrained from doing so.

During the World Cup in Qatar, the TAS has a special department that makes a decision on a case within 48 hours. Homosexuality is illegal in Qatar. It can lead to up to seven years in prison.

Supermarket chain stops cooperation after debacle

German supermarket chain Rewe is ending its cooperation with the German Football Association DFB with immediate effect after the banning of the One Love captain’s armband by FIFA. The company clearly wants to distance itself from the attitude of the World Football Association and the statements of FIFA president Gianni Infantino.

Rewe will relinquish its advertising rights in its existing contract with the German Football Association, especially in the context of the World Cup, CEO Lionel Souque said on Tuesday. “We stand for diversity, and football is also diversity,” said Souque. “The outrageous attitude of FIFA is absolutely unacceptable to me as a CEO of a diverse company and as a football fan.”

The DFB announced on Monday, just like other countries including Belgium, that captain Manuel Neuer will not wear the One Love captain’s armband at the World Cup after all. The German federation and the other European associations involved took that decision because of the threat of sanctions from FIFA.

The supermarket chain had already announced last month that it would terminate its long-term contract with the DFB, regardless of the controversial World Cup in Qatar. Rewe is now giving away the World Cup compilation albums for free. The proceeds are donated to charity.

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