Will Eden Hazard receive a yellow card at kick-off?  Captain's bands against discrimination cause commotion at the World Cup in Qatar


In Qatar there is a lot of discussion about the captain’s armbands that some captains want to wear. The onelove bracelet with the rainbow colors symbolizes connection and is a statement against all forms of discrimination.

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In Belgium, Eden Hazard also plans to wear that band against Canada, but then he immediately risks a yellow card. FIFA has not yet given permission to wear this band because in Qatar – where, for example, a different orientation is less tolerated – this is a sensitive issue. The Devils will therefore still see what they are going to do, because starting a match with yellow is not ideal either.

It is also a matter of time to see what sanction Harry Kane and Virgil van Dijk will receive this afternoon when they appear on the field with that one love band.

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