Check with your RUT if you will receive the Winter Bonus and the payment date

The Winter Bonus is intended for pensioners and pensionersbelow check if you can receive this benefit and when it is paid.

© Agency OneCheck with your RUT if you will receive the Winter Bonus and the payment date

The 2022 Winter Bonus is a benefit delivered by the Social Security Institute (IPS) once a year to older adults who receive low pensions.

This benefit is delivered automatically to those who meet the requirements, that is, it is not eligible. The bonus amount is $70,336money that is not taxable, so it goes directly to the beneficiary.

Those who can receive the 2022 Winter Bonus are:

  • The people that are 65 years of age or older Completed as of May 1, 2022.
  • who receive a pension less than or equal to the value of the minimum old-age pension in force for people over 75 years of age ($182,167), not including the Old Age Solidarity Pension Contribution (APSV) or Universal Guaranteed Pension (PGU), if any.
  • older adults who are in the AFP system and insurance companies that receive minimum pensions with a state guarantee or APSV; or whatever beneficiaries of the PGU; or are retired in any of these institutions: Social Security Institute (as former INP; that is, the former pay-as-you-go funds), Labor Security Institute (ISL), Chilean Carabineros Security Directorate (Dipreca), Social Security Fund the National Defense (Capredena) or mutual employers.

Those who receive two pensions or more will not be able to apply for this bonusunless the sum of these is equal to or less than $182,167.

When is the Winter Bonus paid?

The Winter Bonus is paid in a single installment during the month of May and comes along with the pension of the beneficiary.

How to know with my RUT if I am entitled to receive the Winter Bonus?

If you don’t know if you will receive the Winter Bonus or not, you can enter HERE with your RUT and check if you will obtain the benefit and the payment date, by clicking on the “Payments” section.

You can also ask directly at the Chile Atiende offices or call 101.

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