With a cane and his classic bass drum, Tula travels to Qatar for his thirteenth World Cup: "it's my passport"

Carlos Pascual is 82 years old and since Germany 74 he has never missed a World Cup.

Without the bass drum, because he had already dispatched it, but leaning on his cane. Slowly, but firmly. Carlos Pascual, better known as “the tulla“arrived at Ezeiza airport to travel to the Qatar World Cup and thus be able to say present in your thirteenth such event in a row.

From Germany 74, Tula never missed a World Cup. He participated in all of them, always with his hype on his back.

“As an Argentine, I travel with a lot of anxiety“, he said when asked by the journalists who from the airport cover the news about the fans who travel to the Arab country. Then, the most recognized fan of the National Team released a conjunctural phrase: “The only loyalty exists in football, because in politics they are all traitors“, he shot between laughs.

Tula, always related to Peronism, tells whenever he can the times he met Juan Domingo Peron and the bass drum that the former president gave him signed. Also that he even sold a photo with him to be able to pay for different trips: “Not having money, he sold the photo of me with Perón that he called ‘the photo of Tula with Perón’ and people bought it“, he recounted in previous interviews.

This time, with the focus on Qatar, Tula will have to travel to Rome, where she will make a stopover for a few hours and then continue towards the promised land, where Argentina will make its World Cup debut on Tuesday.

Until when it will stay is still unknown. Everything will be tied to the results of the Argentine team. “How long do I stay? It all depends on Argentina, what do I know? You have to wait for Argentina to play. And then I don’t know when I have a return ticket. But I’m going to get there.”

Carlos explained that, despite the economic difficulties the country is going through, a businessman paid for his trip and helped him with the money he needed to attend the sporting event of the year: “It was not a politician nor was it the AFA. It was business friends that I have for so many years who helped me.”

Always in a good, verbose mood, Tula never loses its grace. When he arrived at the airport, they offered him a wheelchair so that he could move more comfortably, but he thanked him and dismissed it: “I told them no, I have energy, I have life“he replied to the employees.

Regarding the hype, he said that he dispatched it as soon as he arrived at Ezeiza: “The hype is my life, my passport. I accompany him“, he said excited and eager to fly.

Just as the journalist Enrique Macaya Márquez will set a record by covering their 17th consecutive World Cupthe Tula thing also seems to enter the register of historical marks with its thirteenth consecutive participation.

Beyond appearing on international television programs, appearing on the covers of newspapers and magazines of the time and in different stories about world cups, Tula began their love for soccer in Rosario Central. The team he is a fan of.

In dialogue with Clarín weeks ago, the Argentina fan told how his passion began: “My first bass drum, which was the one I played on the Rosario Central field, I gave it to General Perón. Later, I had another one that was stolen. There were several. But the one in Germany 74 is pure history because of everything that was experienced in that tournament,” he pointed out.

And he described his first World Cup experience: “Everything is a great memory. I went hitchhiking with the hype. He sent me to Madrid, where I already knew from having had a meeting with Perón. Then I had to go to the border with France and from there only to Germany.”

“The truth is that I got on a train without the ticket and jumped there with the hype. The problem is that the police came to ask me for the ticket and I didn’t have it. Then, I started to say ‘World, World’I showed him my passport and they let me cross the border. Later, in Germany, I was saved by a Spaniard who took me to reports and paid for the bus ticket to the town where the National Team was concentrated. There, I already stayed with them. Even so, it was not easy because the police did not understand anything with the hype and they wanted to take it from me. However, everyone already knew me because until had done a report for the BBC with a translator”, he narrated about that first unforgettable experience.


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