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Forward and Neto have exchanged barbs on social media in recent weeks

Photo: Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF
Photo: Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF

O palm trees signed two forwards for the season’s sequel: José Manoel López and Miguel Merentiel. Together, the Argentine and the Uruguayan cost BRL 58 million to the current champion of America. To bring the duo, Leila Pereira chose not to renew Deyverson’s contract, who lived moments of love and hate with the fans.. Although he left something to be desired in much of his contract with the club, the former number 16 scored the goal of the 2018 Brasileirão title, and more recently the Libertadores da América title. With that, the professional left the Football Academy on high with the Palmeiras fanatics.

But, although he is far from Palmeiras, Deyverson is still giving the talk on social networks. This Tuesday (21), the striker, who is now free on the market, participated in the ‘Fala Brasolho’ podcast and told about his time at Palmeiras and abroad.. The former shirt 16 of Verdão did not fail to poke the presenter Neto once again. Recently, both the player and the communicator exchanged barbs on social media.

“I’m not going to give him any margin, I’m not going to say anything, but this guy thinks he’s an idol. This guy says he’s an idol, the ace. Won what? This guy won what brother? Everyone understands who I’m talking about. Who scored? I may not be the guy, I’m not a star, but for God’s sake, right, Dad. I’m not being rude, but I scored a goal at Barcelona, ​​at Real Madrid. I played the Copa del Rey final. I scored the goal of the Libertadores title, of the 2018 Brasileirão. What did he win? He’s on television saying he’s an idol, I don’t know what. For the love of god where did you play?”, concluded Deyvin.

Palmeiras fans expressed themselves on the web shortly after the attacker’s outburst: “Deyverson just told the truth about this cheap lacrador Neto. I get embarrassed when he screams forcing him to be called “a star” on the show, the scene is embarrassing. You need to use your presenter authority for that. He has never been a star in his life, let alone a player”, said a fanatical Verdão fan.

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