Witsel prefers to stay in the desert than in Doha: "Boredom?  Never, while playing belote..."

No team is as far from Doha as the Red Devils. Their Hilton Salwa Beach hotel is a quarter hour from the country’s capital. And around the magnificent and gigantic complex, which is close to the border with Saudi Arabia, it is literally the desert.

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Especially if the team reaches the last week of the tournament, isn’t boredom likely to set in within the group of players? Axel Witsel has resided in three different hotels during major tournaments: the Paradise Resort in Mogi das Cruzes in Brazil in 2014, the Hôtel Golf du Médoc Resort near Bordeaux in 2016 and the Moscow Country Club in Moscow in 2018. All of them were located far from the city center.

“Personally, I prefer to stay away from the city and the madness, Witsel said. In the middle of town, there is a risk of being woken up at night. I prefer to be here, we feel in our bubble. The hotel is top, we stay in super good conditions. Couldn’t ask for better. No, I’m not afraid of boredom. The most important thing is to have a good atmosphere in the group and this is the case. And there are plenty of activities to do in the hotel. And as always, we play cards. My favorite game is belote. It remains the classic. Can’t get bored playing this game…”

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