Maria Lasitskene

International Federation President Sebastian Coe said that the reinstatement of the ARAF will be considered in November after the audit

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Maria Lasitskene

(Photo: Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

The Council of the International Association of Athletics Federations (World Athletics) supported the recommendations of the working group on the restoration of the All-Russian Federation of Athletics (ARAF), its suspension has been extended until at least November 2022. About this at a press conference informed World Athletics President Sebastian Coe.

The World Athletics Council this week once again reviewed the status of the ARAF, whose membership has been suspended since 2015.

“With regard to the recommendations of the working group on the restoration of the ARAF, the council supported three key points. The group will continue to monitor the implementation of the recovery plan, as well as organize an independent audit of ARAF processes, plan progress and KPIs. The audit will be conducted in the second half of October, after which the group will report the results to the board in November,” Coe said.

Athletes from Russia banned from participating in the World Cup even in neutral status

Photo: Naoki Morita / AFLO / Global Look Press

Since 2015, Russian athletes have not been able to compete at international competitions under their own flag due to the suspension of the VFLA in connection with a doping scandal, which was subsequently extended many times.

Athletes to compete at international competitions were supposed to receive “neutral status” (ANA), but in March, World Athletics, the European Athletics Association and the Diamond League banned Russians from competing even in neutral status.

Russian athletes have already missed the World Indoor Championships held in Belgrade and will not compete at the World Championships in Oregon (USA).

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