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FIFA temporarily banned the “One Love” armband. At the World Cup in Qatar there should be a different captain’s armband in each round, with different slogans.

Munich – Before the first appearance of the German national team at the World Cup in Qatar on Wednesday (November 23, 2 p.m.) there is hardly any talk about sport. Of the short-term failure of Bayern star Leroy Sané flies almost under the radar. The discussions about the “One Love” captain’s armband are too big. FIFA makes a science out of the subject of captain’s armbands anyway.

Leroy Sane
Born: January 11, 1996 (26 years) in Essen
Club: Bayern Munich
Position: Attacking Midfield
Internationals: 48 (11)

World Cup 2022: FIFA bans “One Love” bandage at short notice – two women set an example on TV

The national team around captain Manuel Neuer stuck to the plan to wear the controversial bandage to the end. On Monday (November 20), FIFA then cashed in the “One Love” armband. Apparently yellow cards for the captains and even point deductions were threatened. Because the DFB promptly caved in and refrained from making an even stronger statement, there was clear criticism.

Some other personalities, on the other hand, used the stage offered to them by the broadcasts of the World Cup matches. Claudia Neumann, for example, who commentated on the game between the USA and Wales, wore a black T-shirt a heart filled with rainbow colors and a rainbow captain’s armband. The British Expert Alex Scott also wore the “One Love” armband as part of BBC coverage live on TV.

World Cup 2022: FIFA has a clear plan for the captain’s armbands

the FIFA justified the ban on the special captain’s armband with the fact that there are clear rules for it. All bandages for the World Cup must therefore be provided by the world association. For the tournament in the desert state, FIFA has a clear, albeit curious, “binding plan”. The captains get a different armband with different inscriptions for each game.

Politically motivated slogans such as “#FootballUnitesThe World”, “#SaveThePlanet” or “#NoDiscrimination” are written on them. The last saying in particular is explosive, because in Qatar one can certainly speak of discrimination when it comes to women’s rights and homosexuality. Originally, the bandage against discrimination should only have been used in the quarter-finals.

Instead of the “One Love” armband, the captains were allowed to wear one against discrimination. © IMAGO/Matthias Koch

World Cup 2022: These slogans are planned for the captain’s armbands

  • Matchday 1: #FootballUnitesTheWorld
  • Matchday 2: #SaveThePlanet
  • Matchday 3: #ProtectChildren and #ShareTheMeal
  • Round of 16: #EducationForAll and #FootballForSchools
  • Quarterfinals: #NoDiscrimination
  • Semifinals: #BeActive and #BringTheMoves
  • Final/3rd 1st place: #FootballUnitesTheWorld
  • Generally possible: #NoDiscrimination

However, the world association has now given the nations the opportunity to prefer this bandage, possibly as “compensation” for the ban on “One Love”. Top stars and captains Harry Kane and Virgil van Dijk made use of it and used the new bandage in their first group games. Both England and the Netherlands wanted, like that DFBactually run up with the “One Love” bandage.

The slogan “Football UnitesTheWorld” was actually on the agenda on the first day of the group match and at the final of the World Cup. It will probably only be possible to judge in retrospect whether the tournament in disputed Qatar can make a contribution to this. (jg)

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