Man Offset and Match Loading

Sadio Man be one of the great absences from the World Cup after confirming that he will not be there due to injury. Her body said stop shortly before the appointment and after 93 games played in the last year and a half that make you the footballer who has played the most since July 2021. Surely, that high load of matches has had a lot to do with the injury that has deprived him of his World Cup dream.

Man is not the only one who was going to arrive in Qatar with a heavy load of matches and kilometers on his legs. There are many in a similar situation and managing your efforts can be key to winning this World Cup.

thanks to a extensive report published by FIFPRO in collaboration with Football Benchmark, under the name of ‘World Cup 2022: player workload map’we can know the match volume accumulated by the soccer players in the period between July 12, 2021 and October 24, 2022. And the results are interesting.

about own manyou just have to see this graph that breaks down its 93 games, spread over 7,255 minutes. Man came to dispute 14 games in a row and 70% of minutes in a row. His load of minutes spread over months reveals how little rest he has had, with a high rate even in the last two months just before he was injured. In addition, he had to travel many kilometers (more than 120,000).

Man Offset and Match LoadingSoccer Benchmark

Portugal, the least rested

Regarding selections, Portugal comes to the meeting as the most overworked team by adding that of all its members, followed by Brazil and Mexico. Those of Fernando Santos have an average of 5,200 minutes, about 58 complete games. The combined workload was over 30,000 minutes since August, which is around 50% more than other picks.

At the other extreme we find the African and Asian teamswith less than 20,000 combined minutes. Qatar was the one who had the least playing time, ahead of Saudi Arabia and Iran. The case of the hosts is unique, since they have carried out an unusual concentration of six months. Since the end of the 2021-22 season, I have only participated in friendlies of national teams

In the following graphic we have a better vision of all this. Teams in the upper right quadrant of the table had the most intense workload throughout the seasons. This group includes most of the main favourites; Brazil, Portugal, France, Spain, England, Germany, Belgium and Argentina.

Selections with m

Selections with more and less match loadSoccer Benchmark

Those who have played the most

If we focus on specific players, there are four players with a very high load. One of them precisely Sadio Man. for minutes, the World Cup player who has accumulated the most is Virgil van Dijk, with 7,597 in 78 appearances. He leads the list after returning from an anterior cruciate ligament injury that sidelined him between October 2020 and July 2021.

Two Spaniards appear in this top 20. Pau Torres is the seventh with more minutes (7,093), while the captain Busquets is the fourteenth and accumulates 6,648. And the fourth militates in LaLiga. It’s about the madridista Anthony Rudigerwho, had he played more regularly for the white team, would have become the footballer with the most minutes.

Harry Kanefifth, disputed the 64% of his minutes in consecutive games since last July, and he hasn’t missed a single Tottenham game yet. He has been on the field for 14 of England’s 15 games since the EURO 2020 final and fStarted in all official Tottenham matches in the 2022-23 season. He was replaced only three times.

players with m

Players with the most minutes playedSoccer Benchmark

Vinicius has played 73% of his minutes in consecutive games (understood as matches in which there are less than 5 days of recovery between one and the other) since the summer of 2021 and before the World Cup recorded an extremely high number of consecutive matches between September and October 2022, with 13 appearances in a row without enough rest. That 73% is the second highest figure of all the World Cup players.

Loading of matches and trips of Vinicius

Loading of matches and trips of ViniciusSoccer Benchmark

On the other hand, it is striking in the report that the South Korean Heung Min Son He played, in the first 23 days of October, more than 600 minutes in consecutive games, which leads him to arrive with less fresh legs. In addition, traveled 146,104 kilometers on international trips, the most of any World Cup

mbappFor his part, at the age of 23, he has already played 27,000 minutes in his career, the equivalent of 300 entire games. More than 70% of the matches played by the Frenchman in the period covered by the report were consecutive.

Rest before and after

Another thing that has changed is the rest time that the players have had before the World Cup compared to the previous ones. The trend has been decreasing over time, but what is now is a very extreme case. Just over a month has gone from just seven days to rest and prepare for the Qatar event. Something It seemed to happen when it came to resuming the championshipswhich surely influences the performance of many clubs facing the final stretch of the season.

rest time before and after

Rest time before and after the World CupsSoccer Benchmark

Despite the fact that the World Cup has been embedded in the middle of a season, the calendar has been compressed and the load of matches has been high, forcing the players to arrive, in some cases, with a significant number of minutes and kilometers in their time. legs. This is an element that could influence the development of the tournament and, who knows, whether to determine which team will be the champion.

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