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According to Rodrigo Lasmar Neymar suffered a sprain in his right ankle and has swelling at the site

Credit: Mohamed Farag/Getty Images |  Tite
Credit: Mohamed Farag/Getty Images | Tite

Neymar generated strong concern for Brazilian fans during Brazil’s 2-0 victory over Serbia in the opening match of the World Cup. After a good performance in the first half, the number 10 of the Selection ended up needing to be replaced in the second half after demonstrating that he was experiencing severe pain in his ankle. Images of the attacker crying and receiving immediate medical attention on the bench.

After being replaced by Antony, Neymar received treatment with an ice pack on his ankle and at the end of the game he limped to the locker room. According to information from the team’s doctor, Rodrigo Lasmar, Neymar suffered a sprain in his right ankle and the situation will be evaluated by the DM of the team. In the images it is possible to notice a big swelling in the player’s ankle.

“He sprained his right ankle. Direct trauma. He presented edema, swelling. We have already started treatment. We need to wait 24, 48 hours. There is still no scheduled imaging exam. The expectation is observation. We still don’t have any answers.”, said the doctor of the Brazilian team.

Speaking in the press room at around 7 pm (Brasília time), Rodrigo Lasmar stated that there are no imaging exams scheduled and that the expectation is to observe the direct trauma to the right ankle. The coach of the Brazilian team, Tite, revealed that Neymar “remained in the two goals feeling because the team needed him”. The athlete would have stayed on the field for another 11 minutes after the injury, but could not continue.

Despite the apprehension on the part of the fans and the team’s doctor being cautious when approaching Neymar’s situation, Tite was confident and insisted that the athlete will compete in the competition. “You can be sure that Neymar will play in the World Cup”, assured the coach after being questioned about Neymar’s chances of missing out on the World Cup.

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