Claudia Neumann (ZDF commentator) showed up in the rainbow colors before the USA vs. Wales game.
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Of: Florian Schimak

Claudia Neumann is celebrated at the USA vs. Wales game. The ZDF presenter was mainly noticed by her outfit. There was a lot of support for that.

Munich/Doha – At the World Cup 2022 in Qatar, after less than two days, there are stories for countless books again. the Anthem refusal of the players from Iran the game against England (2:6) is almost the smallest story.

Name: Claudia Neumann
Birthday: February 2, 1964 (58 years old)
Broadcaster: ZDF (since 1999)
Tournaments: World Cup 2011, Euro 2016, Confed Cup 2017, Champions League 2018, World Cup 2018

World Cup 2022: “One Love” bandage? FIFA steps in and bans them

The FIFA announcements for sporting sanctions when wearing the “One Love” captain’s armband and the subsequent buckling of the associations resembles a scandal. Above all, of course, the World Football Association is sharply criticized. However, the DFB and the English association also get their fat off.

Many would have wished for more steadfastness at this point to make FIFA’s position so clear. But apparently the fear of sanctions was greater for the stars. However, it’s not just in front of and on the pitch, some stories also happen in front of the TV cameras.

World Cup 2022: ZDF commentator Claudia Neumann is celebrated online because of her outfit

A public figure didn’t miss her opportunity to make a statement. ZDF commentator Claudia Neumann sent a clear signal with her outfit in the game between the USA and Wales.

Claudia Neumann (ZDF commentator) showed up in the rainbow colors before the USA vs. Wales game. © Screenshot/ZDF

The 58-year-old was just before kick-off World Cup game live on TV seen wearing a black shirt that featured the colors of the rainbow. Neumann also wore an armband in the colors that stand for diversity and tolerance.

Neumann is celebrated online for her outfit. “Should anyone get upset about Ms. Neumann again… this woman uses the small possibilities of protest!” Wrote a user on Twitter: “That’s what I call the backbone of this crazy World Cup.” Another Twitter user wrote: “Big one Outfit, Claudia Neumann” and provided the tweet with an applause emoji.

World Cup 2022: ZDF commentator Claudia Neumann is repeatedly criticized

However, there were also negative voices to be read again. Some users were upset about Neumann’s competence. “You have time and want to watch a World Cup game and then the worst case: Claudia Neumann,” wrote one user. Another explained that the ZDF commentator was “unbearable”. In the media reports, on the other hand, Neumann was praised and celebrated for her statement.

A Olympic champion appealed to the DFB stars after the scandal about the One Love bandage: “Pack it up and come home”. A host in Bavaria also canceled due to the behavior of FIFA briefly his World Cup plans at the public viewing. (smk)

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