Photo: FC official website "Zenith" (St. Petersburg)

Earlier, the head of the Russian-Kyrgyz Development Fund said that the uniform for Zenit would be sewn by the Kyrgyz brand Bigser Sport. Zenit said that this is not about equipment for the team’s players, but about goods for a sports store

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Photo: Official website of FC Zenit (St. Petersburg)

The Kyrgyz company Bigser Sport will not sew uniforms for Zenit football players, the cooperation agreement with it concerns goods for a subsidiary that owns a sports store, reported “Championship” in the press service of the St. Petersburg club.

Former head of the Russian-Kyrgyz Development Fund (RKDF) Artem Novikov informedthat on June 13 in Bishkek, the outfitting center “Zenith Premier Football” and Bigser Sport signed an agreement for tailoring uniforms.

“Representatives of the club are indeed in Bishkek on a working visit, but we are not talking about equipment for the Zenit football club,” the press service said.

The club noted that representatives of the Zenit Premier Football subsidiary, which operates a sports store in St. Petersburg, “have so far only signed an agreement of intent to cooperate in the development of the equipment center.”

RBC sent inquiries to the press services of the Zenit football club and Bigser Sport.

“Spartak” will play out the next season in the form of Nike despite the break in the contract

Photo: FC official website "Spartacus" (Moscow)

Representative of Bigser Sport declared “Match TV” that the company signed with “Zenith Premier Football” “an agreement of intent to cooperate and conclude an agreement on the development of a collection of sportswear, its production and supply.” The company did not answer the question about possible technical sponsorship.

Bigser Sport has offices in Russia and Kazakhstan. The company equipped the national team of Kyrgyzstan at the Olympic and Asian Games.

In May 2022, due to UEFA sanctions, sports equipment manufacturer Nike announced the termination of the contract with Spartak Moscow. The company was also a technical sponsor of Zenit, but the club did not make official statements about whether the cooperation would continue.

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