The Netflix Hub.  Netflix is ​​now working with Spotify, and they both want to make money on it.  Will it work?

Short videos from TikTok have already been copied by a number of Internet services, from YouTub to Netflix, and Spotify has been added. Although it focuses primarily on music and podcasts, the company has started testing a new Discover button in its application, which contains vertical videos of music clips. You can freely walk through them or skip them.

The button is located in the taskbar at the bottom of the screen, next to the current Home, Search, and Your Library icons. Chris Messina, a technology enthusiast who was the first to notice it on Twitter, discovered it in the TestFlight build. As he pointed out, the selection of videos is reminiscent of TikTok, all recordings are very short and vertical, in addition to music clips, there is also an animation of the covers of music albums.

When the user clicks on the video, they have the opportunity to play the entire song, add it to favorites or learn more about the artist or the entire album.

Spotify pro server TechCrunch has confirmed that it is testing the feature, but that is all it has published about it so far. It is not clear how the key shows the video to users, whether they will be able to save it somewhere, or how extensive the test is. Messina speculates that the novelty is quite possibly based on the older Canvas function, which replaced album art with music clips when playing songs. Spotify was a fan of it, but it provoked contradictory reactions among the people, so it never spread widely.

In any case, the novelty is in line with the company’s plans to make the service a place where you can find anything related to music and audio. Just a few days ago, for example, synchronized lyrics were added to the application, and Spotify also began offering new subscriptions focused only on podcasts at the end of the summer.

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