Squid Game is officially the biggest series in Netflix history

And by far ! She has beaten Bridgerton, Lupine or The Witcher flatly.

The trend has been spectacular since its launch on September 17th. This time it’s confirmed: Squid Game becomes the biggest series in Netflix history … by far!

In the month following its release (the first 28 days to be exact), the Korean series was watched by 111 million households worldwide! It should be noted that Netflix validates 1 household from two minutes of viewing on an account.

Squid Game was supposed to be a movie: that’s why it turned into a Netflix series [exclu]

On these bases, Squid Game crushes competition and in particular the phenomenon of 2020, The Bridgertons Chronicle, which had stopped at 82 million households. The gap is huge and shows how Hwang Dong-hyeok’s deadly drama is an extraordinary planetary cardboard box.

Netflix shared the news with a fun little edit (below) thanking viewers for making Squid Gameour biggest serial launch ever! “ Note that on the third step of the podium, there is another series in non-English language: the French Lupin, carried by Omar Sy (76 million), who is a few cables ahead of season 1 of The Witcher (76 million also).

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