“Squid Game”: US remake planned on Netflix?

Reasons for US remake of “Squid Game”

In the podcast “The Hot Mic” Jeff Sneider and John Rocha discussed an American version of “Squid Game”, which will also be produced by Netflix. But why should the streaming service do that? There are two key reasons that would explain an American remake.

  1. Netflix is ​​getting impatient. Season 2 of “Squid Game” is at least a year away. This is especially bad because Netflix desperately needs a new viewership since the streaming provider has racked up so much debt. New episodes of “Squid Game”, no matter what form, would help here.
  2. “Squid Game” is and remains a South Korean production. However, many viewers prefer to watch English-language films and series, so the success of “Squid Game” could even increase with a US remake.

Not to forget: Netflix loves to remake in-house series productions. After all, he has already given the successful Heist series “Money Heist” a South Korean reinterpretation. However, it was so badly received by critics and the public that Netflix should actually consider continuing down this path…

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