Standard must close part of its stands following incidents against OHL

During the match between Standard and OHL (2-2) on October 16, the kick-off had to be postponed due to the smoke caused by the smoke which reduced visibility on the field. Smoke were also lit by local supporters after the Liège goals. In stoppage time, a firecracker exploded right next to Romo. The referee stopped the match, but more firecrackers exploded. The authors were in stand 4, where the hard core of Liège supporters usually sits.

The Federal Prosecutor’s Office recalled the Standard’s antecedents with regard to pyrotechnic material and stressed that the consequences for Romo, who was upset after the explosion, could have been worse. This is why the federal prosecutor called for a game behind closed doors. The Standard disputed its own responsibility for the misconduct of individuals and pleaded for a lighter sanction.

The Disciplinary Committee ruled that Standard was indeed responsible for incidents involving supporters under federal regulations and that it still “fails to ban pyrotechnic material in the stadium and to ensure the safety of players, officials and supporters. . “

In recent years, the Standard has been sanctioned several times for throwing projectiles and the use of pyrotechnics. The Disciplinary Committee noted that the perpetrators were often in Grandstand 4, which is why it decided to close four blocks (D4, E4, F4 and G4) for the club’s next home game. The Standard can still appeal the decision, so the date on which this measure will take effect is not yet known.

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