“Stars under the City” trailer: Vienna subway romance

Fateful path in the subway system

Nine-year-old Alexander grew up in a small house with a small garden with his loving grandmother. She teaches him gunslinger quotes, to conduct opera arias and to feel the air temperature. On his tenth birthday, he promises her that he will never fall in love, lest he tread the same fateful path as his father did.

As a young adult man, Alexander worries about his father and decides to be around him. He takes the escalator down to his new workplace: a small lost-and-found office of Wiener Linien, in the widely ramified subway system. There he meets the beautiful and vivacious Caro for the first time – and having previously successfully resisted love twice before, his promise plunges him into a bittersweet world in which Alexander is shot four times by Caro and he for her in a passionate and dramatic Life and death struggle brings winter into summer.

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