Sthe Matos rolls around in her shorts with her friend in a sexy video and the web goes crazy

Influencer Sthe Matos, one of the former participants of A Fazenda 13, left Instagram followers with their mouths open this Wednesday (12), by sharing a devastating video doing a dance routine with a friend.

With a casual look made up of a green cropped top and shorts in the same color, the cat showed all his roll to the sound of a funk-remix of a song by Lady Gaga which has been successful on social media.

“Vai pega evera”, joked the Bahian in the caption of the post, which gained almost 600,000 likes and several laudatory comments from fans. “Slk called calling in black“, reacted MC Gui, confinement colleague in A Fazenda 13.

“Two hot babes”, “they drill”, “After sthe came back from the farm, another dancer came back Kkkkkkkkkkk I love it 😍”, “It took longer to put it to fuuuu…💥”, were some of the comments left by the followers.

Just this week Sthe showed that she is enjoying every moment of her return to her hometown of Salvador. The famous shared a series of photos enjoying a beach in the neighborhood of Barra amidst the starry sky.

Attacks and hate messages on the web

Shortly after leaving the reality show A Fazenda, Sthe Matos revealed that she was being target of intense attacks on their social networks. The famous took advantage of the moment of outburst to expose part of the hate messages she was receiving.

The influencer said that she is also a “human being” and that I wouldn’t want to give up on my dreams because of people. “I promised myself I wouldn’t look at anything at this point and I held back a lot. But not reading messages from people who care about me and my mental health was greater, I couldn’t resist and opened the direct…

“However, I believe that a mistake does not define a life. I am a person who makes mistakes, like any other, and evolves with them. Before that, I am also a human being, I am a mother, I am a woman who has always fought for dreams and who will never give up on them. Thank you to those who care and didn’t let go of my hand at that moment”, continued the ex-peasant.

“I wanted to go public and apologize to the companion of my ex-colleague in confinement, because I, as a woman, putting myself in the place of another woman, would not want to go through the same. It was never my intention to hurt or hurt another woman’s relationship. For that, Mirella, I sincerely hope you accept my apologies,” he wrote.

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