Still a title fight for boxer Delfine Persoon?


Will Delfine Persoon still fight for a title? On Thursday, the 37-year-old West Flemish received an invitation in her mailbox for a duel against the American Mikaela Mayer, the world champions WBO and IBF.

“Mayer wants to fight Delfine in Los Angeles in March,” said Filiep Tampere, Persoon’s friend manager. “We had already resigned ourselves to the fact that no one from the world’s top would want to fight Delfine anymore, but now this is falling out of the blue. We are now starting negotiations and hope to resolve the matter soon.”

Previously, Persoon had already said that she still hoped for a title camp in her weight class after she had miserably missed the Games. “I do think that I could accept a goodbye in such a way. Paris? That will be difficult, because then I will be 40. My body is aging and not getting better.”

Mayer is not a wimp. She has not lost any of her 16 professional fights and won five by knockout. (rl)

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