"Stop" from the NBA to the unvaccinated Wiggins

Golden State Warriors ace Andrew Wiggins, who refuses to be vaccinated against Covid-19, will not be able to play in his team’s home games next season, as the NBA rejected his request to be expelled for religious reasons.

“The NBA considered and rejected Andrew Wiggins’s request for religious exemption, with the San Francisco Department of Public Health ordering people 12 and older to be vaccinated to attend high-profile indoor events. “Wiggins will not be able to play in the Warriors’ home games until he meets this condition,” the statement said.

It is worth noting that a similar measure is applied in New York and concerns the players of the Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets.

Unvaccinated basketball players will be able to play this season – where cities allow – but according to NBA protocols, they will need to be monitored daily in training, travel and playing days. Fully vaccinated players will not undergo daily checks.

Wiggins, 26, publicly confirmed his refusal to be vaccinated: “Everyone has their own views. Anyone who wants to be vaccinated can do so, anyone who does not want to be vaccinated is not vaccinated. It does not criticize those who do the design. I make my own decisions. And right now, I decided not to do it. “

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