The first season was canceled after death threats.

The first season was canceled after death threats. ©  instagram Social House

The controversial internet project “The Social House”, in which Flemish influencers huddle together for a while to make videos, will return during the autumn holidays. The production house Wünderbaar says that the criticism of the first – prematurely discontinued – series has been taken into account.

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When the first videos of ‘The Social House’ appeared on YouTube in April, there was a lot of criticism. Quite a few young people thought it was wrong that the influencers could do fun things with eight in a house, while others had to stick to the corona measures. The lack of diversity among the participants was also denounced. Influencer Flo Windey stepped out of the program.

A few days later, the production house stopped the project altogether. Death threats had been made and the house in West-Flemish Westouter where the influencers stayed was bombarded with firecrackers. The makers announced that they want to resume the program if the corona measures are relaxed.

On October 30, the start of the autumn break, episodes of ‘The Social House’ will again appear on YouTube, the production house announces. “We used the break to read, listen and talk,” says Roel Sweron of Wünderbaar.

The makers have had conversations with experts about corona and mental well-being of young people, it is said. They also sought expertise on diversity. Viewers will be more involved with the new episodes. “The Social House wants to bridge the gap between fans and creators. That is our mission, both in real life and behind the screen,” says Sweron.

It is not clear whether the influencers from the first attempt will reappear in the cast. Sweron will only provide more information about this in the coming weeks.

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