“Streamteam”: Our podcast for series and film junkies

Too much choice, but what is really worth seeing? July and Franco discuss films, series, but also reality TV. What is there to stream, in the cinema or on TV? When two worlds and different views collide, only one good result can come out – and of course the best tips.

Franco is film.at’s film professional with a lot of knowledge, who has been writing about the genre for ages and takes a close look at all the important aspects. Presenter July is a passionate streamer in her free time, is always up to date on Netflix and also likes to bring up scandals and fun facts.

Critical questions, discussions on various aspects of the productions and their end results are therefore ahead of the community. Well-researched background knowledge meets funny facts – and that results in the perfect combination.

New episodes of “Streamteam” appear every two weeks on kronehit.at, film.at and all popular podcast platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.

Do you have any questions, requests or suggestions for July and Franco? Then please register by email [email protected].

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