The courts in the province of Buenos Aires.  (Photo:

This Thursday a “National picket day”, headed by different leftist organizations and promises to be a difficult day to mobilize in the main urban centers. In the City of Buenos Aires it will start at 10 with street cuts in different entrances and in the area of ​​the Obelisco.

The main claim is “genuine work ” and food assistance to community kitchens.

As detailed, the cuts will be made on the bridges Pueyrredón, La Noria and Saavedra, and also on the Buenos Aires-La Plata and Ricchieri highways. In downtown Buenos Aires, leftist picketer organizations will mobilize in the Obelisco area and in other points on 9 de Julio Avenue, according to a statement.

The courts in the province of Buenos Aires. (Photo:

In this sense, the so-called “national picket day” will be attended by the Polo Obrero, the MTR Votamos Luchar, the MIJD, the May 29 Movement, the Bloque Piquetero Nacional, the MTL Rebelde, the CUBA-MTR and the Front of the Resistance. , among other organizations.

The main claims focus on the question of employment, housing and food, and in negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for the debt.

In this sense, they underlined the demand for “genuine work in public works and in the construction of houses; no wages below the poverty line; comprehensive assistance to dining rooms, with a variety and quality of food; and a universal opening of social programs ”.

From the first hour, the Prefectura staff was located in one of the descents of the Pueyrredón Bridge.  (Photo: TN capture).
From the first hour, the Prefectura staff was located in one of the descents of the Pueyrredón Bridge. (Photo: TN capture).

The week started with chaos in downtown Buenos Aires due to a demonstration by Raúl Castells’ organization

A group of about 50 militants belonging to the Independent Movement of Retirees and Unemployed (MIJD), led by Raúl Castells, protested on Tuesday morning with a total traffic cut on 9 de Julio and Corrientes avenues, in the center of Buenos Aires.

The protesters demanded food assistance for community kitchens, “Delivery of land to produce food”, and an increase in the quotas and amounts of social plans for the unemployed in public works carried out by the Government.

In addition, the area had already been agitated since last Thursday, in the run-up to the long weekend, it was the third consecutive day of cuts. At the entrances to the Capital and even at various points in the suburbs, different picket factions caused a chaotic day. He also got together with a massive act led by President Alberto Fernández in Nueva Chicago, accompanied by the social movements closest to the ruling party.

So far in 2021 they have already been registered 4420 roadblocks throughout Argentina. The data comes from a report by the Political Diagnostic consultancy, with statistics up to September 30.

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