Street vendor has coffee bottles stolen in downtown Salvador

Image: Photo: Reproduction / TV Bahia

A street vendor was stolen this Friday morning (10), in front of the rectory of the Federal University of Bahia (Ufba) located in the Canela neighborhood, downtown Salvador. According to information from TV Bahia, Maria Lúcia Melo has been working between João das Botas and Padre Feijó streets for 17 years. It sells snacks, snacks and various drinks and had 10 bottles taken by an unidentified man.

The salesperson arrived at the point of sale and left the bag with the bottles, to fetch the cart in which she stores the snacks, in a nearby parking lot. It was at that moment that the suspect took the bag.

“He was trying to rob the João das Botas Building, which is a clinic. When I got here, the security guard [da Ufba] he was already on the street, calling another security guard, because he wasn’t going to face the bandit alone. Then he left [suspeito] run. As I didn’t know he was a bum, I left my bag here and went to get my lunch cart”, reported the seller.

She described the items taken by the suspect.

“When I came with the car, the coffee bag with the 10 bottles of coffee and the liter of ketchup that I bring so I could sell it was no longer there. Then I went to the rectory to find out about a couple, they said they had a person taking my bag, but they didn’t see who it was, they thought it was me”, detailed.

The street vendor estimated the amount of damage between bottles, bag and also the material used to make the coffee. “I’ve never been robbed here. Sometimes I leave several bottles, juice, ice – because I bring everything – and I’ve never experienced that”, informed the victim, who continued. “It’s a loss of almost BRL 400, because just one bottle of the cheapest is BRL 25. Apart from the coffee I bring, the coffee with milk, black, chocolate, which I sell a lot to people. Now it’s only Monday – fair [para retomar as vendas]. I will provide tomorrow [sábado, 11] for Monday to bring the coffee”.


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