Strike at CP led to the suppression of 75% of trains until 6 pm | Transport

CP suppressed today, between 00:00 and 18:00, 746 trains out of a total of 985 scheduled, in another day of strike by several unions of the carrier, according to data sent to Lusa. During this period, CP carried out 239 trains, fulfilling the minimum established services, which corresponds to a suppression level of 75.7%.

In the long-haul service, CP suppressed 43 trains out of 58 scheduled and in the regional service 199 trains out of an estimated 261 were not carried out.

In urban Lisbon, 354 trains out of a total of 468 scheduled were suppressed and in Porto 150 trains out of an estimated 198 were not carried out.

CP workers started more strikes on Monday, with the carrier warning of “severe disturbances” until Thursday, in a protest over the stalemate in wage negotiations that also involves Infraestruturas de Portugal (IP).

CP had already warned on Friday of “severe disturbances” in the circulation of trains between 00:00 on Monday and 23:59 on Thursday, due to the strike, with minimum services decreed for the four days (25%).

The strike was called by SINFA, the Union Association of Intermediate Directors of Railway Operation (ASCEF), the National Independent Union of Railway Workers (SINFB), the Independent Union of Railway Operations and Related Workers (SIOFA), the Independent Union Association of Commercial Career Railway Workers (ASSIFECO) , National Federation of Transport, Communications and Public Works (FENTCOP), Railway Technical Services (STF), STMEFE – Union of Metro and Railway Workers (STMEFE), Sinafe – National Union of Movement and Related Railway Workers, National Union of Railway Workers Railway Sector (SNTF) and Union of Public Administration Workers (Sintap).

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