Striking: VTM weatherman apologizes because he was wrong at ...

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Weatherman David Dehenauw has apologized during his weather talk on VTM because his predictions were not entirely correct.

“I have to apologize to the eastern half of the country: it rained a little more today than I estimated yesterday. I was sitting next to it for a while,” it sounded.

The weatherman had predicted dry weather, but that was a bit disappointing. He was so honest to admit that.

It is not clear whether Dehenauw has the scoop. But it is in any case very exceptional that a weather forecaster or weather forecaster apologizes so explicitly.

Abroad, weathermen and women have already apologized in the broadcast. But not for wrong predictions. British Laura Tobin apologized after presenting it again in a dress with the price tag still attached.

An American weather forecaster apologized after he suddenly lost his mind during his weather talk. The reason was that a colleague’s dog suddenly walked onto the set.

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