Strong rise in the dollar and collapse of Argentine stocks on Wall Street

After the defeat in the PASO, the ruling party seems not to stand up and this Mars added a new tremor that caused a significant rise in the dollar. After knowing the news that several officials identified with the harshest Kirchnerism, put their resignation at the disposal of President Alberto Fernández, the Blue dollar rose $ 2 and stood at $ 181.50 buyer and $ 184.50 seller. In this way, the parallel US currency practically recovers the low it registered on Monday.

As a consequence of the increase, the Blue is only 50 cents below the value on the Friday before the election and less than $ 3 of its annual maximum from $ 187.

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For their part, financial dollars remain on the rise, a situation that has been repeated in recent weeks. After 3.30 pm, the MEP sells for $ 172.85 and the counted with settlement (CCL) at $ 173.14.

On the other hand, the retail was up 50 cents, and according to the boards of the Banco Nación, closed at $ 103.50 for sale and in $ 103.57 in the average of the entities. Thus, the “solidarity” dollar reaches $ 170.77, about $ 15 below the Blue.

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Argentine Stocks on Wall Street

National securities on the New York Stock Exchange began to echo the news in Argentina and began to operate with the majority of numbers in the red. In that sense, Edenor collapsed more than 10% (-10.4%) followed by banks and Telecom Argentina.

Thus, the papers of the main banks fell between 3% and 5%: Grupo Fin. Galicia (-3.3%), Banco Supervielle (-3.6%) and Banco Macro (-4.4%).

Finally, the risk country exceeds the 1,500 basis points barrier. The index produced by the JP Morgan query was located at 1.505 pb.


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