Study shows: We look more attractive with a mask

That has changed since Corona, because healthy people now wear masks always and everywhere. “Our study suggests that faces are most attractive when they are covered in medical masks,” said Lewis.

This could be because they are associated with doctors or nurses. “When we feel vulnerable, we might find medical masks calming and feel better about the wearer.”

The first part of the study was carried out in February 2021, when the British population was already used to wearing masks. Forty-three women were asked to rate the attractiveness of men from 1 to 10: without a mask, with a blue medical mask, with white cloth and a black book held in front of the lower face area.


Those with a cloth mask performed better in the study than those without a mask. The surgical mask made the wearer even more attractive. The results were published in the specialist journal Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications released. In a second round, men are asked to rate women’s faces.

“The pandemic has changed how we perceive mask wearers. When we see someone wearing a mask, we no longer think, ‘This person has an illness, I have to stay away,'” said Lewis im Guardian. There are evolutionary psychological reasons for the fact that potentially sick people are less attractive.

A second explanation is also conceivable for the director of studies. Because the mouth and nose protection directs the focus of the other person to the eye area. We know from previous studies that the brain has its own idea of ​​the hidden half of the face and this is usually more beautiful in the head than in the maskless reality.

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