Stupid fall on stage at Bingoal-Pauwels Sauces WB: Quentin Venner breaks lumbar vertebra, Milan Menten fears a tear


No corona infections at Bingoal – Pauwels Sauces WB, but manager Christophe Brandt had other concerns, because on Wednesday afternoon they went down hard with three riders. An unfortunate movement with the mobile phone caused an avalanche effect.

Hugo Coorevits

Today at 19:22

The group reached speeds above fifty kilometers per hour when Tom Paquot, Milan Menten and Quentin Venner crashed into the ground. The latter was the worst. In the young Waal (23) a fracture of lumbar vertebra 2 was diagnosed. Limburger Milan Menten suffered a tear in the left hamstrings. A shortcoming that he ran into in Paris-Chauny 2019 and with which he struggled for a long time at the beginning of last year. Paquot was shaved from head to toe.

Menten normally starts with the GP Marseillaise on January 30, followed by the Star of Bessèges. “I’m going to keep it quiet for the next four days on the internship here, because I don’t want to mortgage my season by a stupid fall. That after a winter in which everything went perfectly.” (hc)

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