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Dmitry Agranovsky, attorney:

– I think that there will be no legal consequences for Ksenia Sobchak. From a legal point of view, if it is not established that she was driving, there is nothing to show her. Efremov, with whom the blogosphere is already comparing the scandalous TV presenter, was driving, was drunk and, in my opinion, behaved completely wrong in court. Therefore, he received a long term, although he could receive less. Sobchak has no such problems. By the way, they did not arrest her driver, despite the severity of the accident. Everything is within the law: an accident is a crime committed by negligence. A preventive measure is needed so that a person cannot hide or interfere with the proceedings on the case. It is customary in our country to use arrest to satisfy the alleged “bloodthirstiness” of society in relation to violators, especially not simple ones. The driver’s story shows that society is not bloodthirsty.

And here it is important how to assess the accident from the point of view of morality. In my opinion, a kind of symbolic feudalism. Sobchak is a representative of the ruling class and therefore nothing will happen to her. I think that those around her will not even notice that she did something reprehensible. Just think, did not get out of the car. Should she ride like everyone else? The car flew into the oncoming lane? So she was not driving.

Her phrase in social networks remains the key: “I can only help with connections and opportunities.” Here it is the quintessence, maybe the most subtle element of the soul of the new elites

There is no talk of any accumulation of a critical mass of VIP accidents, when the elite of society, their children or simply majors, knocked down ordinary people to death. As the law is not the same for everyone, so the elite has its own morality, the common people have their own, and the criminals have a third. Such different law enforcement practices and morals usually remain in a society in transition (which is what Russian society remains). What is possible for one is categorically impossible for another.

Larisa Pautova, sociologist, FOM:

“Not everyone can cope with the stress that people experience during such accidents. And stress in people with different temperaments unfolds in different ways. Sobbing, aggression, vanity … And some just turn to stone, watching what happened, as if it were a movie, and can not do anything. I myself survived the accident: we were carrying tomato juice, it spread like blood along the highway … I don’t really remember anything else. No one is immune from such a reaction. Yes, everyone should react correctly in this situation, but is it possible to learn this? Or are they teaching us the wrong way, for show?

Of course, nothing terrible would have happened if the plane had departed, they fly from Sochi several times a day.

I personally do not know Ksenia Sobchak, but as a person I treat her with respect. She is strong, but this time there was some kind of failure.

We are not ready to get together today. Whether it’s stress during an accident, or during a fire, when someone is stuck in a stupor, and someone is in panic. Do you remember how people behaved in “Winter Cherry” in Kemerovo?

Yuri Kublanovsky, publicist, poet:

– First, a person, out of career, material or vanity reasons, works for his image. And then the image works for the person who becomes his slave. Disgusting but widespread story. Stupor? Who knows. But Sobchak has already “shown” herself so many times …

So it is not clear what it was: stupor or cynicism.

Elena Kamburova, singer, actress:

– A person is a person in a high, and not a biological sense of the word, when there are situations of moral prohibition for him. In this case, it was. Whether you were driving or not, it is unnatural for a normal person not to get out of the car and not ask if help is needed. This is a low deed. Do you understand?

Ksenia Sobchak: I will not prove that I am not a camel. Photo: Valery Sharifulin / TASS photo host agency

Vladimir Kudryavtsev, Doctor of Psychology, Professor of Moscow State Pedagogical University:

– I do not agree that everyone pounced on Sobchak, although she does not cause me sympathy. She is not a cowardly lady, she is stress-resistant. I remember how in the “Raffle” program in the 2000s she boldly beat off a girl from the hooligans. It was evident that she was not timid and, what is important, she did not even think that this was a telecast. It’s another matter that the years go by. Sobchak made a career and a reputation on HYIP, became a mother, and, probably tired of HYIP, having an accident, wanted to leave him, but lost her stress resistance. You can believe or not believe her words about why she left the scene of the accident in Sochi, without waiting for the arrival of the police. You can believe or not believe her words that doctors were called by her, and she left, so as not to interfere with their work and not to “trade in face.” But the hardness of the personality is, of course, visible here.

When the “strong” Sobchak not only pulled herself together, but also declared on social networks that “I will not prove to the gang of combinators from the apeshechka who decided to appoint me for the role of the new Efremov on social networks,” there was a reaction of a person who got out of stress after the accident.

Her phrase in social networks remains the key: “I can only help with connections and opportunities.” Here it is the quintessence, maybe even the most subtle element of the soul of the new elites. They do not bother to display human qualities – sympathy when you are hurt and anxious, and you want sympathy. Tears, pain, fear and the desire to help those who have suffered more cannot be faked. They are the first reaction to stress, which helps relieve it. When this is not the case, an argument for connections and opportunities arises. And then the manifestation of humanity seems to be a manifestation of weakness. And it is this kind of “strong” of this world (who have separated themselves from the world as from the weak) – not by rank.

But Sobchak fell into a psychological trap – a situation of double hype. Now the media, the blogosphere and social networks are hyping: the fact that Ivanov, Petrov, Sidorov died was overshadowed by the fact that a lady with a resounding surname had an accident. This attitude towards hyprotvorchetstvo is the situation of double hype generated by such personalities as Sobchak. At first she “doesn’t care about people”, and then people – about her.

Alexander Arkhangelsky, writer:

– It is better to leave speculations to yourself; what Sobchak felt in the first hours after the accident, we are not given to know. The fact that in the video at the entrance to the airport she does not stagger and controls herself does not say anything about medical indicators. A public person, accustomed to stress, has a specific effect on shock; instead of confusion – concentration, instead of a demonstration of pain – ostentatious calmness, all later, all tomorrow, now the main thing is to save face.

The parallels are false. There is nothing like Efremov’s incident here. Whatever the fiery propagandists tell us. Sobchak was not driving and did not try to buy out footage from surveillance cameras. The only thing that makes sense to discuss is the “moral fork”.

Rational arguments are on one side of the scale. On the other – reputational. The third is ethical. How to find a balance between them?

Rational reasoning. You are obviously not guilty of anything and will not help the victims at this moment. An ambulance has been called, and you’d better be treated in Moscow. And from there, raising connections, to provide normal conditions for everyone who was in the accident, both “friends” and “strangers”, than to participate in hours-long explanations with the Kuban traffic cops …

Reputational reasons. You are in the center of constant attention, a significant part of your success is provided by the interest of those very people who do not check the facts, adore speculation and will be happy to dethrone you from the top of fame, because climbing to the top and overthrowing from it is an equally powerful sight. I rode at the wedding in a hearse – if you please stay next to the smashed car, or free the territory of glory. This or something like this reasoning part of the audience for which the star works. And not to reckon with this means too much risk.

Ethical reasoning. We are all social creatures, intelligent and living in an information society. But most importantly, we are just people. And the human feeling tells us that we need to share suffering with those whom you will not help, whose injury, let alone death, is not to blame, but with whom fate has united you. And you can divide only by staying. At least for a while. At least to the point of complete clarity about where they will be taken, how help will be provided.

They seem to have come to a morally positive conclusion. But we remember that as soon as it becomes known about a stellar accident, cameras will rush to the place, and because how you will be filmed, how you will be shown, the reputation, and lawsuits, and the fate of those who work with you depend, and who are not protected by star armor.

All in all a bad story.

Try to ask yourself: what would you do if Sobchak was? Yes, we are not stars, we travel by public transport. But all the same, all the same? I will forward this question to myself, and honestly answer: I hope that I would have decided to stay … However, I do not know what would have happened to my psyche and nervous system after the collision. I do not know to what extent my reactions would coincide with my ideals.

Therefore, I am not judging Ksenia Sobchak.

The accident involving Sobchak occurred near Sochi. Ekaterina Tarasova, a Volkswagen passenger, died in an accident, two more people were hospitalized. Photo:

Vladimir Khotinenko, film director:

– It seems to me that it is too early to comment on this story. So far, only the power of Internet influence is evident in it.

But if, indeed, as the Volkswagen driver says, other cars stopped and people from them approached the dying and much more injured passengers, and no one got out of Mercedes, then this situation will seem like a test one to many. For those who are sure that society should give a harsh moral reaction to such a situation – business should stop making expensive orders for Sobchak, the media – to provide broadcasts – I will say the same thing: we have to wait. Personally, I am most interested in just the reaction of society to what happened. But when we see it in its entirety, then we will discuss it in more detail.

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