A big statement: that is the least you can say about Club Brugge’s performance at Genk. Despite a half with ten players and a deficit, blue-black still went up and over the Limburgers (2-3) in the final quarter, thanks to an excellent substitute by Ruud Vormer. He caused the ultimate turnaround with two fine balls.

Intrinsically, Genk and Club Brugge are probably the two strongest teams in our country, but the classification leaves little to the imagination these days. If you’re parked at seven and thirteen points from leader Union respectively, the pressure mounts. And after the top match in the Cegeka Arena, the situation would be even more bleak for one of the two. It was therefore not illogical that we were initially served mediocre football from teams without confidence. We did see a goal quickly: Ito scored on a third rebound, but the goal was disallowed because Hendry had been kicked beforehand. Not much later, Bongonda also came close to 1-0: his bolt died on the outside of the post.

That was about it for the rest, being Genk. Club Brugge slowly but surely got better and found the combinations around sixteen. It led to a nice goal from Vanaken. Lang sent a wonderful assist towards the far post, the Bruges captain – because Vormer did not play again – pushed into the roof of the goal. And whether the discharge was great: after the optater against Leipzig, blue-black could use a confidence boost. Genk did not find an answer but was helped by Van der Brempt before half time. A second rash intervention led to the same number of yellow cards, so that Club suddenly had to finish another half with ten players. And crisis or not: at Genk that is always a long time.

Not in the ropes

No sooner had the players left the locker room than Hrosovsky was balancing the plates. A falling ball was wonderfully taken on the edge of the sixteen by the Slovak, who chased the ball into the intersection. Brug’s protest because of Ito’s positional offside yielded nothing: a satisfying victory suddenly seemed far away, given the numerical bottom number. Genk seemed to push on and threatened twice on the hour via Tresor, who each time aimed at the wrong side of the left post. Club Brugge barely got further than the halfway line. The fact that Mignolet took it easy early in the second half proved that blue-black was happy with a point given the circumstances. But that didn’t work in the end.

Once again it was Mignolet who made a mistake. Hrosovsky fired another falling ball at goal. That was not untenable, but Mignolet promptly hit the bouncing ball. 2-1, Club on the ropes? None of it. Substitute Vormer threw the ball well in front of the goal, where De Ketelaere reached for a long time. The Dutchman sent Sadick for a walk and scored the equalizer past Vandevoordt. The finger went to the lips towards the home crowd. The unthinkable even happened: Club was still about Genk, thanks to Vormer. He kicked a corner sharply on Ricca’s marble, who headed in hard. Club finished the final minutes in a hedgehog position, Genk couldn’t get a point out of the fire. A statement from Bruges, therefore, where calm can return after turbulent weeks. Thanks to substitute Vormer. Would Clement put that Wednesday next to the team again?

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