Suburban women final, Klien return and "Sisi" on ORF 2022

Last but not least, Kathrin Zechner took the reins again as ORF program director. At the online presentation of the 2022 program – due to the coronavirus, without a large stage and only in front of journalists – the 58-year-old presented “a varied, exciting bouquet” – in the absence of the general directors, but surrounded by the main head of department. That has “the flexibility to step by step with innovations that my successor (Stefanie Groiss-Horowitz, note.) will certainly offer to get in “, as Zechner emphasized.

The current TV season, which is a transition phase due to the result of the ORF election and the associated change at the top of the company from Alexander Wrabetz to Roland Weißmann, is characterized by major sporting and political events, cultural fixed points, and new co- produced series and popular entertainment formats. There are programmatic comebacks, farewells and spontaneous actions. This includes, for example, the “Stöckl live” special edition on the corona vaccination, which had almost a million viewers on Monday and will continue in December.

The main focus of Information As expected, the federal presidential elections in Austria as well as the elections in France and Hungary count. Some of them will already be reported from the new multimedia newsroom on the Küniglberg. A new “ZiB” studio is also due to go into operation in autumn. A weekly climate magazine for ORF1 and a new European journal in ORF2 are also planned. the science shines not only with “Mayrs Magazin” but also with many documentaries, such as “Workers Murderers or Martyrs?” about Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss who was murdered by the Nazis. In 2022, “Universum” takes you to the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Qatar, among others.

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