Suicide Lake Lácar

The video of a man drowning in the waters of Lake Lácar in San Martín de Los Andes, while tourists watched in amazement, resulted on Tuesday, October 12, in a judicial investigation regarding the lack of action of the Naval Prefecture.

Due to the footage filmed in the tourist village, the prosecutor Maximiliano Bagnat decided to initiate a case. It will aim determine if the way of proceeding of the members of the Prefecture was correct or if there was inaction or lack of authority.

The images began to circulate on social networks this Monday, October 12. A member of PFA, Miguel Rodríguez, spoke with LM Neuquen and clarified that it was a suicide attempt. “He took off his clothes, went to the head and jumped into the water,” he described.

The moment in which the man takes off his clothes and decides to jump into the icy waters of Lake Lácar.

The recording begins after the 28-year-old man throws himself into the water, having previously removed his clothes. Seconds later, witnesses proceeded to alert the Police and personnel from the Naval Prefecture, who did not take long to arrive.

However, they did not swim to rescue him and did not throw a life preserver at him. The video shows how a boat approaches the subject in question, who floats next to the vehicle, and parks a few inches from the scene.

The witnesses desperately ask one of the troops on board: “Grab him by the hair. Get in the water!”. “Kick, kick,” another woman yells seconds before he begins to sink without any reaction.

Despite his short distance from the man, the prefect who tries to help him fails to catch up and finally jumps into the lake. Then, the body of the young man continues to move away while the personnel carry out new maneuvers.

After several seconds, the boat approaches the man again and one of the troops tries to reach him with a stick, but without success. Shortly after, the video cuts out, while the astonished witnesses conclude: “They don’t know how to swim, that’s the issue”. Later, it was known that the man passed away.

In an interview with The nation, David Peresenda, the first lifeguard instructor from Argentina and Latin America to complete the Official Training Academy of the United States Life Saving Association (USLA), said he felt “helpless” because of what happened.

He is a prefect, he had coronavirus and was accused of shooting a policeman when he should have been isolated

“Watching the video It is clear that the procedure performed was not correct and I do not say it because the person has died, there are times when everything that must be done is done and even so the results are not as expected, “he clarified below.

And he concluded: “For me they did not make an incorrect approach either. There are many things that are badly done there. They are not all like that in the Prefecture, there are people who know a lot, but here it gives the feeling that there were two people who did not know”.


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