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The goalkeeper who came out for the second part of the game, assures that he got to the ball first and that it was automatically in his hand. Despite the claims, the judge did not back down, since there was no VAR either.

Hernán Galindez had his debut with Universidad de Chile
© Press – U. de ChileHernán Galindez had his debut with Universidad de Chile

The most controversial move Super classic happened in the area University of Chile, when the judge of the match charged a penalty from the goal Hernan Galindez against Lucero, in a clash that is still not clear of the collection, depending on where you look.

Something that the blue reinforcement also regretted in the second half, who in an unpublished interview on the substitute bench, expressed his opinion about the payment that the first goal meant for Colo Colo.

“I go out after the hitch, then he wants to hit me again and I don’t split the ball, that’s what I say, it’s automatically in my right hand. We collided and there the ball is usually split, but now it’s in my hand,” he began. counting in ESPN.

In that sense, the goalkeeper lamented the situation, where he assures that for him it should not be charged as a penalty.

“That’s what I tell the referee, I take it off his foot. I take it off his foot. Of course it will fall due to inertia, I don’t know how I hurt my knee, but I saw the image and the ball remains in my hand. I have a cut, but it doesn’t matter, it makes me sad because it wasn’t a penalty,” he concludes.

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