After it became known a month ago that ‘Epa Colombia’ was sentenced to 63 months in prison for vandalizing Transmilenio in 2019, an unknown lawyer filed a guardianship with the aim of having him lie down that decision of the Superior Court of Bogotá against the businesswoman.

Nevertheless, the Supreme Court of Justice has already rejected this appeal, because the lawyer in question is not the legal representative of the Bogota woman. This is Ariel Quiroga, the same lawyer who weeks ago also piped President Iván Duque because he did not listen to the speech of the opposition in the installation of the new legislature of Congress, on July 20.

“In this case, Daneidy Barrera Rojas, who is the one directly interested, has not come under guardianship. Such special power does not exist in this matter. Therefore, despite the fact that Ariel Alberto Quiroga Vides is a lawyer, the capacity of attorney in this event is rejected, ”the Court assured in its ruling on the matter, which was known by the newspaper El Tiempo.

What must be taken into account is that justice continues to study the appeal that the defense of ‘Epa Colombia’ did present. The decision of the Court that was known this Wednesday has nothing to do with that process and in no way affects the hopes of the ‘influencer’ that the sentence against him falls, in which they do not even give him the possibility of having house arrest.

The businesswoman’s lawyer filed an appeal to challenge the decision made by the Superior Court of Bogotá to prosecute the young woman for the crime of instigating a crime for terrorist purposes. Since the sentence against her was known, his defense tried to find legal ways so that his case is reviewed before the instances that is possible and that the sentence is not effective.

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For its part, ‘Epa Colombia’ has already paid the fine of 492 minimum wages that was imposed that same day that the conviction against her was known.

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