“Sure”, sing Twist Connection in a video clip that announces a new tour | Culture

It’s another music video from the album Anywhere But Herethe fourth album by The Twist Connection released on digital platforms and in stores in September 2022. They had already been published Dumbin June of that year, and Anywhere but here, with a single in August and a video in September. Now it’s time to sureat a time when this band from Coimbra is announcing a tour of several stages in April and May, preceded, in a pack, by the vinyl release of Anywhere But Here. This, according to its promoters, will have an extra theme, I Can’t Untie Youadding to the original lineup of an album that featured appearances by several special guests: Boz Boorer (Morrissey, Polecats, Bowie), Gregg Foreman (Delta 72, Cat Power, Alan Vega), Michael Purkhiser (The Action) and Miguel Padilha (Wipeout Beat).

In April, The Twist Connection will perform first in Castelo Branco (6th, at Cine Teatro Avenida), then in Braga (21st, at Lustre), in Coimbra (22nd, Vinyl Boutique) and Porto (28th, Barracuda), with Boz Boorer as a guest in the first three. Which will also be present at the concert on the 6th of May in Barreiro, at ADAO (Arts and Crafts Development Association). To date, The Twist Connection have released four albums of originals: Stranded Downtown (2016), The Twist Connection (2018), Is That Real? (2020) and Anywhere But Here (2022). the music video of surenow premiered, was performed by Sérgio Cardoso, bassist from trio, which is completed with Kalo (Carlos Mendes) on drums and vocals and Samuel Silva on guitar.

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