Microsoft has shown a folding Surface Duo 2. A handy display hidden in the hinge shows notifications and battery status

JerryRigEverything’s YouTube channel aired the latest puzzle from Microsoft in its latest video. We mean folding Surface Duo 2, which was equipped with two displays and a “laptop” hinge, which closes the displays together or, conversely, opens them partially or fully. But always with a visible divide between the two halves. We have dealt with this Android device with the third display hidden in the hinge in more detail in this article.

The traditional torture begins with the classic scratching of the display, which is covered with Gorilla Glass Victus. Compared to other puzzles (such as those from Samsung), it has the upper hand, on the other hand, it is not a solid display but two image panels connected by a hinge. Surface Duo 2 therefore competes in its own class. The frame is made of plastic, which is a bit disappointing, as is the stated durability of IPX1 … The hinge used is, of course, metal.

The displays lasted a long time, and without any significant traces. The display panels themselves survived several strong closures and attempts to bend with maximum force. In this case, however, the plastic structure was probably sufficiently reinforced by Gorilla Glass Victus glass, which was able to bend abnormally without cracking. However, with regard to software, it still looks similar to the first generation of Duo, ie rather infamous. Windows eleven would just suit this device …

Microsoft Surface Duo 2 in JerryRigEverything:

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