Susana Giménez had an intimate dinner with Luis Lacalle Pou: the gesture of the president of Uruguay that left her speechless

Susana gimenez is living a great present in Uruguay. Installed since last year in that country, she rests before resuming with the recordings of her program. This weekend, she received the award for Woman Icon of America at the America Business Forum and before taking the stage to review her career had an intimate dinner with the president Luis Lacalle Pou.

The driver, who repeatedly praised her management, was very happy after the meeting they had on her property. As he was able to confirm TN Show, the evening It was last Thursday at the diva’s historic mansion, “La Mary”, and its producer Luis Cella and journalist Ignacio González Castro were also present.

On how the dinner was organized, from the driver’s environment they clarified that not an explicit request from someone, but that “It came naturally.”

In dialogue with The angels of the morning, Susana made it clear that she feels a deep admiration for Lacalle Pou and his management: “He is a very intelligent, brilliant person. Uruguay is growing in an impressive way. He seemed so humble to me, so incredible”.

Although she did not elaborate on the behind-the-scenes of the dinner, she did tell of a gesture by the Uruguayan president that left her shocked: “He had to go to a city, like presidents who have 20 thousand things do. And a friend who was with him says ‘but go in the helicopter, how can you go by car?’ And he told ‘no, I use the helicopter for work, not for personal things‘. Me I was speechless, for obvious reasons, and I could not believe that someone thought as it should be ”.

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