Susana Vieira needled Globo colleagues during her participation in the Meeting (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)
Susana Vieira needled Globo colleagues during her participation in the Meeting (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)

Susana Vieira squandered it in all its sincerity and pinned several colleagues at Globo during the Meeting this Thursday (14). The actress nudged the broadcaster’s director and younger actors, as well as criticize soap opera of which he was part.

The veteran participated in the program presented interim by Patrícia Poeta and talked about her characters in soap operas. “Branca Letícia de Barros Mota is the biggest success in Brazil. I’m the queen of memes thanks to this character”, she said in reference to the shrew she played in Por Amor (1997).

Susana also commented on one of her most outstanding roles: Maria do Carmo. “In 2004, beautiful. Sorry people, without any modesty, it was a beautiful thing Lady of Fate”, declared.

horror in soap opera

When talking about the remake of Éramos Seis (2019), the actress considered herself quite ugly with the characterization for the 6pm newsletter. “I’m awful”, shot.

In front of the photo of her character in the six o’clock soap opera, she needled the director of Globo Amora Mautner. “This must be those specials from Amora Mautner. Do you know when you’re going to do those cult programs that Globo puts on us from time to time?!”, let her go.

Susana Vieira pins Globo actors

In another moment, Susana said she was terrified of people who complain. she still poked young actors from Globo who are in a hurry when recording their scenes.

“I’m not a negative person, nor a sad person. I’m terrified of people who complain, horror of people who all the time: ‘ah, what time will it end? What time will it arrive?’”, he stated.

“I’ve been here on this television for 50 years. There are young actors who start off saying: ‘what time are you going to shoot my scene? Much is missing?’. Guys, there’s not much to go, because you stayed at home for two years without working. So whoever was in a hurry must be happy because they stayed at home without working for two years”, needled the artist.

Susan said that the pandemic period was one of the saddest of his life. “I thought the greatest sadness of my life was that I was far from my family, far from TV Globo and my companions. For me the biggest loss of the pandemic was this”, revealed.

The actress was also asked if she intends to marry again. “I got married so much I got tired”, she declared. “I don’t know if it’s because of my age that I haven’t married anymore. Older people are in need”, completed.

difficult period

The veteran assured that it was good to have spent the period of social isolation alone. “When the pandemic started I was not married. That was good, because having a pandemic barely married would be horrible”, he stated.

I was alone and working on a very difficult soap opera, which was We were Six, because it was a period soap. She played a sad role and dressed more than an old woman. It’s hard for a cat to look at me and say: ‘Wow, that’s delicious’”, she pointed out.

Susana Vieira said she didn’t have time for anything at the time of the plot. “I recorded hours and hours inside the studio. I didn’t go to a nightclub, or a pagoda, nothing. Then the pandemic started and I was single. In the first days I missed it, then I thought it was so good, said.

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