the suspect arrested, the reflex of the driver hailed

A young man deliberately pushed a woman onto the metro tracks on Friday around 7:45 p.m. in Rogier station in Brussels, according to information confirmed by a spokesperson for Stib. The suspect was arrested shortly after the incident, then was placed under an arrest warrant by the investigating judge, the Brussels prosecutor’s office said late Saturday afternoon. He was charged with attempted murder. The investigating judge also appointed a psychiatric expert to assess the mental health of the suspect.

The author had fled by running through the subway tracks. Thanks to the broadcast of images of the suspect, the police were able to arrest him a few minutes later when he was in the De Brouckère metro station.

Good driver response

This young adult had pushed the woman in the back while a subway was approaching. He then fled running in the opposite direction. Alerted by people on the platform, the subway driver carried out an emergency brake. He did not hit the victim. No subway passengers were injured in the sudden stop. Travelers present on the platform then descended on the tracks to remove the victim from the rails. Once it was brought back to the dock, the emergency services were called.

The driver reacted very well, but he is still in shock and so is the person.“, explained Friday evening the spokesperson for the Stib. They were both taken to the hospital, but have been able to leave the establishment since then.

Mobility Minister Elke Van den Brandt praised the driver’s reflex.

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