Suziuoglu: Investments and the economy at the center of contacts in Ankara

During his contacts in Ankara, he discussed several investments that are being planned or have already begun, said “Prime Minister” Faiz Suciuoglu, speaking last night at the illegal airport of Tympos, returning from the Turkish capital.

According to the GTP, Mr. Sujiuoglu said that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is showing incredible interest in Cyprus. “It is obvious that it keeps Cyprus in a special position close to the other neighboring relations in this intense rhythm. The President is ready to assist in any matter. “I always admired him, but now that they knew him up close, I admire him even more,” he noted.

He announced that the financial protocol 2022 will be completed immediately after the early “parliamentary elections”.

In his talks in Ankara, he continued, they also referred to tourism and soon the partners in the sector will visit Turkey and a solution will be found for the high cost of air ticket prices.

Speaking today in “Bayrak”, Mr. Soutziuoglu again referred to the issue of political stability. He said that if there is political stability, there can be no economic stability, saying that political stability can not be achieved through multi-party alliances. This, he added, was shared by his interlocutors in Ankara. If political stability is not achieved, he said, the “country” – as the pseudo-state called it – will continue to slip.

A stable government, he said, can only be achieved with a one-party “government”.

Ankara, he added, agrees that the pseudo-state must stand on its own two feet and spoke of radical and fearless decisions that will be taken after the “elections”.

Mr. Soutzioglu said that from now on he will have more contacts and trips to Turkey, “one foot from now on will be in Ankara”. I say clearly, he continued, that Turkey does not want to interfere in the interior of the pseudo-state. “They just want stability,” he said.
Source: KYPE

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