Photo by: Ekaterina Bibikova

Problems associated with the reconstruction of the parking lot in the residential complex on the street. Melnikov were considered during a meeting dedicated to strengthening guarantees of human rights observance in the implementation of urban planning policy. Initiated by Svetlana Razorotnevoy the discussion was brought to a new level – the Human Rights Council under the President of the Russian Federation became interested in the case.

The developer sold the parking lot to a third-party organization, which began to equip an office center and a hostel in it. Residents of the residential complex demand from the developer to return the parking to them, as well as build a kindergarten and carry out the promised landscaping of the adjacent territories. They initiated a number of checks, but the new owner did not stop refurbishing the complex. The situation began to change when social activists and city activists joined in solving the problem.

Svetlana Razorotneva, commenting on the situation, said: “Question on the street. Melnikov was brought up for discussion with Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, all city institutions got involved in resolving the situation, and we will continue to seek the restoration of legality together, we will continue to defend the rights of citizens. But it is also important at the legislative level to protect people who purchase housing from developers from such situations ”

The owner of the parking lot, despite checks and fines, continues to rebuild the parking lot, despite the fact that the prosecutor’s office, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Mosgosstroynadzor and other structures have joined in the investigation of the case.

The social activist believes that homeowners need to be legally allowed to accept residential complexes from the developer as a single infrastructure-filled object, that is, not only their apartments, but also adjoining territories, parking lots and kindergartens included in the co-investment or sale and purchase agreement.

The initiative of the human rights activist was supported by the members of the commission. Valery Fadeev, Chairman of the Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights, said that the resolution of the Human Rights Council on the Turnaround situation described by Svetlana will be sent to the State Duma and the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, and it will also be included in the report to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, which will be held at the end this year.

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