Sygic has improved paid navigation, and will now also point to mobile radars

Sygic Navigation received an interesting functional addition in the last update. Using artificial intelligence, navigation can recognize traffic signs in real time. The application currently only detects speed limit information, which is useful when driving through areas where the maximum speed limit is temporarily reduced. This function can theoretically save considerable funds …

To take advantage of mobile navigation, you must have Sygic navigation and an active Premium + subscription installed on your mobile. It can get this for Black Friday for CZK 429 per year, but basically you will suffice with a weekly trial version, which is activated for free after the first installation of the application. Also pay attention to the version of the application, while we still have the current version 20.8.12 on our mobile, brand recognition only works with version 20.9.x. So if still on Google Play whose App Store you do not have the required version, at least for Android you can use installation from APKmirror.

After launching the application, simply activate the Tag Recognition function via the main menu. Subsequently, the phone must be placed in the car holder in landscape mode. If you want to see tag recognition in practice, you can stay on this screen, if navigation is more important to you, you can quickly switch to the classic look of navigation. And you can count on the speed limits that are found in the lower right corner of the navigation.

And what are the shortcomings of Sygic’s solution? Recognition depends on the quality of your phone’s camera, as well as the ambient light. At night, the application, ie without the help of street lighting and high beams, failed to recognize the marks. During the day, we again encountered borderline cases where the navigation recognized the forty on the main, but after turning to the side or after crossing the intersection, the fifty did not return to the display. The current recognition of brands using artificial intelligence is a great rarity for mobile conditions, but he will want to do a little more.

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