After years in the production hell, the cult action team around Sylvester Stallone returns in The Expendables 4. There are also new faces like Megan Fox, who has already revealed her outfit for the sequel. In the fourth part she leads the new team with Jason Statham, while an old hand like As a mentor, Stallone tends to cut corners should.

Now the action star has a short video and first pictures from the set posted that should make all The Expendables fans happy: Stallone’s Barney Ross is as cool as ever.

Sylvester Stallone is extremely casual in the first The Expendables 4 impressions

It’s been a good seven years since we last saw the character of Sylvester Stallone in action in The Expendables 3. The first impressions of the sequel set show Stallone as Barney on his motorcycle with sunglasses and cigar still as the coolest action retirees:

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Here you can see that again new cast from The Expendables 4 in the overview:

New to the Expendables team are:

Nothing is known about the story of the sequel. But it wasn’t that important in the previous Expendables films. Instead, we’d rather look forward to one new dynamism in the team with fresh faces and hopefully again powerful crashing action with funny sayings.

Since filming of The Expendables 4 is only just beginning, the film starts in a year at the earliest in theaters, maybe not until 2023.

The Expendables 3 – Gag Reel (English)


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Are you looking forward to The Expendables 4?

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