Russian Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Nikolay Shulginov met with his Syrian counterpart Bassam Tomeh on Wednesday in Moscow to study the prospects for energy cooperation between the two nations.


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The meeting, held within the framework of the International Forum of the Russian Energy Week, served for both parties to agree on the need to expand cooperation in the energy sector in all its areas.

For his part, the Syrian minister said that cooperation between the Eurasian country and Syria has increased in recent years thanks to the existing arrangement between companies from the two nations.

Another important factor that favors trade between Moscow and Damascus, according to Tomeh, is the low cost of customs duties granted by Russia, which translates into an incentive for the development of such activity.

The head of the sector affirmed that the investment opportunities in his country are great and promising, which have been exposed to the different countries of the Middle East, which is why Syria is willing to open up to the world to trade.

Russia is the second trading partner of the Arab country, only surpassed by China, being important allies to combat the economic and financial blockade imposed by the United States and the European Union.

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