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La Roja is currently in 8th place in the standings with 10 points, given a series of results this Thursday it could even finish in 6th place just three units from the standings.

La Roja is currently five points away from playoff spots.

Chilean National Team

© GettyLa Roja is currently five points away from playoff spots.

La Roja will return to action this Thursday to play a crucial duel in San Carlos de Apoquindo for the 12th date of the South American Qualifiers, He will do so against nothing more and nothing less than the bottom of the competition, the Venezuelan team.

Those led by the Uruguayan Martín Lasarte are currently in eighth place in the qualifiers with just 10 points, momentarily remaining six units from the direct classification positions and five points from the playoffs.

Although qualification to the Qatar World Cup 2022 still seems distant, The Chilean team has to win this Thursday to continue dreaming of a feat and the best thing is that if there are results this Thursday, the Everyone’s Team it could finish in sixth place just three units down from the rankings.

Check below, what results benefit La Roja and the standings at the beginning of date 12.

What results does the Chilean team need this Thursday?

To get started with this game of possible outcomes, We must make it clear that yes or yes the Chilean team must win to reach 13 points, Without that, the chances of qualifying get even more complicated.

After that, the results that best suit the national team are, that in the first turn of the twelfth date, Bolivia becomes strong as a local in La Paz and defeats Paraguay, leaving the Guarani with 12 units. Later, the key duel between Colombia and Ecuador will take place, duel where those led by Reinaldo Rueda must win in order to reach 18 points and enter the direct classification zone.

But why can’t Ecuador win? Easy, the Chilean team no longer has pending duels against the coffee growers, a situation contrary to what happens with those led by Gustavo Alfaro, so it is better for the Red to face an Ecuadorian team that is “within reach” in November.

The following results that serve those led by Martín Lasarte are obvious. Brazil and Argentina are escaped in 1st and 2nd place in the standings, so it is in our interest that they continue at the top and defeat their rivals this day, Uruguay and Peru respectively.

With these results, The Red it would be 6th in the Qualifiers with 13 points, behind the combined Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador and Uruguay, the latter two teams with 16 points.

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