Tadeu Schmidt exposes and reveals that Globo called him to BBB22 before Tiago Leifert left

Thaddeus Schmidt revealed that the invitation to present the BBB22 happened even before leaving Tiago Leifert from Globo and which received spoilers from cute. The presenter confessed that he initially hid the news even from his daughters.

“The invitation [para apresentar o BBB] final was made to me by Ali Kamel [diretor de jornalismo da Globo], but Boninho gave me a spoiler. He likes spoilers, right? [risos]? But I couldn’t fish at the time.”, said Tadeu in an interview with the Extra newspaper.

The then presenter of Fantástico received the spoiler when participating in the Caldeirão and was intrigued by the comment of JB Oliveira, Boninho. “It was in the recording of Caldeirão with Marcos Mion. when it ended, Boninho said: ‘Tadeu, you’re going to call me on September 9’. And I: ‘What do you mean? Why call you?’. And he just repeated the same thing.”, he reported.

“I was with my wife, and I came home asking: ‘Am I going to be invited to the frame of another attraction? Will they call me to do a show in the entertainment?’. I was thinking a thousand things, revealed Thaddeus.

The decisive link for Tadeu Schmidt

At the time, Tiago Leifert had not yet announced his departure from Globo. After that, according to Boninho’s message, the journalist received a call from his then boss, Ali Kamel, Globo’s director of journalism. the contact happened the same day Leifert announced he was leaving the network.

“And then, on September 9, as promised by José Bonifácio, Ali Kamel called me for a chat. I went to his office and heard the news. Was very good! I came home super happy”, he confessed.

Presenter hid going to BBB22

Tadeu said he initially revealed the news only to his wife, Ana Cristina Schmidt. However, after a while, she thought better of it and decided to tell her daughters, Valentina, 19, and Laura, 17.

“I didn’t say anything about the list of participants to my family. They will know together with the public, in a little while. And I will confess one thing: I hid from my daughters for a few days that I would go to the BBB. Of that, only my wife, who is my biggest confidant, knew. After a while I thought: my daughters also know how to keep a secret and they are a part of me”, said.

The new BBB22 holder reported how he passed the information on to his daughters. “I said, ‘I have something to tell you. And I put the music of Paulo Ricardo [Vida Real, tema do Big Brother Brasil]. When it started to play, they screamed, cheered, cried: ‘I can’t believe it! You go to the BBB!’. Seconds later, they came to their senses: ‘But you’re not going to introduce Fantastic anymore!, revealed.

Tadeu Schmidt stated that his daughters cried at the news and that he regrets not having recorded the moment. Lived the same emotion I felt leaving behind something I love and the joy of moving on to a project that is the ultimate. It was beautiful!”, declared. BBB22 debuts next Monday, the 17th.

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