Mohsen Fakhrizadeh's funeral takes place in Tehran as Iran vows 'revenge'

Iran held a funeral for slain nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh in Tehran on Monday, as ministers continued to vow revenge for his killing.  Defence minister Amir Hatami, speaking during the funeral, vowed that ‘this crime will not go unanswered by the Iranian nation’ and that the ‘criminals’ who carried out the killing will be pursued and punished. … Read more

Eric Edgar Cooke the Night Caller serial killer became the last man hanged in Western Australia 

Eric Edgar Cooke (pictured) terrorised Perth from 1959 to 1963, murdering eight people and injuring 22 others Sixty years ago sunny Perth was a sleepy little city where citizens of Australia’s most remote capital felt safe to leave their homes unlocked, even if they went on holidays. That idyllic lifestyle was shattered when a harelipped … Read more

Trans CofE minister reports conservative Christian to the police

Transgender CofE minister who was born female reports conservative Christian to the police for branding his marriage to a woman ‘evil and wicked’ The Rev Alex Clare-Young was registered female at birth but identifies as male He and minister wife Jo feature in clip promoting LGBTQ participation in church Evangelical Christian Ben John posted response video describing same-sex partnerships … Read more

Mairead Philpott freed halfway through her 17-year sentence for killing six children in fire 

A mother who killed her six children in a fire has taken her first steps of freedom after being released from less than halfway through her 17-year prison sentence. Mairead Philpott was said to be ‘delighted’ at being given her earliest possible release date from HMP Send in Surrey. The 38-year-old, who killed her children … Read more

Kim Kardashian petitions to stop death penalty for man convicted of killing two ministers in 1999

Kim Kardashian West is seeking to stop the execution of a Texas man who was sentenced to death for his involvement in the 1999 murders of two youth ministers.  The reality star-turned-prison reform advocate highlighted the case in a tweet on Sunday, writing: ‘A terrible case has been brought to my attention and I need … Read more

Dad claims to have uncovered suspect after daughter was raped and murdered in Africa

Dad who took justice into his own hands after his daughter was raped and murdered in Africa says he has uncovered suspect by getting a sex worker to infiltrate a crime gang  Melbourne woman Elly Warren, 20, was murdered and possibly raped in Africa  She had been on a diving and volunteering program in Mozambique … Read more

Sydney's 'obsession with cocaine' is fuelling deadly gang crime plaguing the city's streets

Cops slam Sydney’s ‘obsession with cocaine’ for fuelling deadly gang crime plaguing the city’s streets – including kidnappings, deaths and shootings NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller says cocaine use fuels Sydney gang crime Mr Fuller said drug users are ignorant their habit supports underworld violence Incidents of cocaine use and possession have surged over the … Read more

Mairead Philpott is released from prison after serving less than half her 17-year sentence

The Philpotts married in 2003 and shared a cramped three-bedroom council house in Derby with his lover Lisa Willis and their children. Philpott led his wife and accomplice Mosley into a scheme to get a bigger council house by burning down his home and framing Ms Willis for the crime after she walked out on … Read more

Best of both worlds property: Three country towns and small cities

This time last year, the London-based crime writer Martin Bodenham and his wife, Jules, were faced with a problem — where to live next? ‘Even before Covid, London was becoming too impersonal, like a city full of strangers,’ says Martin, 60, whose latest novel, Crime And Justice, was published in August.  ‘So we looked at … Read more

Public intoxication to no longer be a crime in Victoria after Indigenous leaders advocacy

Being drunk in public will no longer be a crime in Victoria – after advocates spent three decades pushing for the legal change Being drunk in public no longer be a crime in Victoria, instead health response  Aboriginal communities have advocated for the change for three decades  Victorian government announced it welcomed a report to … Read more