Photo: Defense Press.

Photo: Defense Press.

Defense Minister Jorge Taiana supervised the operation to process the change of address in the National Identity Document (DNI) of the 227 people who make up the endowments of the Argentine bases in Antarctica during 2022 and value the “full work of the preparatory activities of the Antarctic Campaign “.

“After a very difficult year due to the pandemic, we find ourselves in full swing of the preparatory activities for the Antarctic Campaign,” said the minister according to a statement from the Defense Ministry.

In this sense, he highlighted “the enormous effort of all the personnel involved in this task so important for the national sovereignty and the defense policy of the country.”

“We are accompanying people who make a great effort, a very patriotic act and a wonderful task,” said the minister, who was accompanied by the head of the National Registry of Persons (Renaper), Santiago Rodríguez.

In this context, Taiana highlighted the value of the task they carry out by stating that “they are working to reaffirm sovereignty, improve scientific knowledge of that continent and are providing a service to all the Argentine people.”

Photo: Defense Press.

Photo: Defense Press.

The holder of the Defense portfolio ratified the support of the entire Ministry when greeting the men, women, children who managed the new DNI, which has the particularity of including the bicontinental platform on the map of the national territory.

Meanwhile, the head of the Renaper explained that they went to “supervise the documentation operation in the Antarctic Joint Command, of the 227 people who will be living a year in Antarctica.”

“They are Argentines and Argentines, from the Armed Forces, their families and their children and they will have, for one year, the address of Antarctica on their ID for one year,” explained Rodríguez.

In this context, he affirmed that “this is a fundamental exercise for the maintenance of the Argentine sovereignty throughout the national territory.”

“We are accompanying people who make a great effort, a very patriotic act and a wonderful task”,

Jorge Taiana

The activity is part of the tasks of the 118 Antarctic Campaign destined to consolidate and strengthen the uninterrupted presence of Argentina in that territory since 1904, when the national flag was raised for the first time in Orkney.

The endowments, which will remain for a year, are made up of 227 people: 179 men, 31 women and 17 children, between civilians and soldiers, who will live in seven permanent bases of the total of 13 that Argentina has in the Antarctic territory: Marambio, Esperanza , Orcadas, San Martín, Belgrano II, Carlini and Petrel. The latter became a new permanent base due to its geographical location as a gateway to the white continent, the ministry recalled.

Likewise, it specifies that the other six bases are temporary, that is, they are operational only during the summer period: Melchior, Decepcin, Cmara, Primavera, Matienzo and Brown.

The Carlini and Brown bases are administered by the Foreign Ministry, while the remaining ones by the Argentine Joint Antarctic Command (Cocoantar), dependent on the Ministry of Defense.

The undersecretary of Operational Planning and Defense Logistics Service, Luca Kersul; the Director of Planning and Supervision of National Documentation Centers, Federico Bugatti; together with the Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces, Divisional General Juan Martn Paleo; Joint Antarctic Commander, Brigadier General Edgar Calandin, the ministry reported.

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